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1971 Chevelle

A: SS clones bring way more cash, but buyers will be excited to see that the original engine/tranny comes with the car.

Q: can you make a 1971 chevelle convertible to a hardtop?
I wanted to know if its possible to make a convertible 1971 chevelle into a hardtop.

A: You can make any modifications to any car you want. I would strongly not recommend doing that to the chevelle because the value would significantly decrease. like others have said, sell the convertible and buy the hardtop. the convertible is worth much more than a hardtop.

Q: What headers give the best sound and performance for a 1971 Chevelle Malibu?
What headers give the best sound and performance for a 1971 Chevelle Malibu with a 350?

A: My ceramic coated long tube Black Jack headers are still as solid as the day they where installed in 1993 and still sound sweet.

350 .030 over, 280° comp cams, flat tops with valve relief, 2.02/1.60 heads, Performer intake, Holley 750, MSD, and connected to an M21.

Q: Should I keep my original 250 in my 1971 Chevelle Malibu or should i drop a 396 in it?
Should I keep my original 250 in my 1971 Chevy Chevelle Malibu or should i drop a 396 in it? Ive asked many sources about it but I need to be sure. Please help!

A: If you want a show car fix it with 250, if you want a driver no question 396!

Q: What can I do to put some power into my 1971 Chevelle 250?
Hi, Im christina and my dad just bought me a 1971 Chevy Chevelle Malibu. It has a 250 6cylinder in it. Its a manual. I wanted to give it some balls, if you know what i mean. What kind of things can I do to it without spending that much money? Thanks

A: Not a whole lot with that 6 banger. Try dual headers(for looks), high flow muffler, bigger holly carb. All this – if your handy – is a weekend diy job.

Don’t bother swapping the motor – you’ll notice enough difference with the above for < $400.

Also don’t forget to get a better stereo – you’ll start loving it after that touch.

Q: Can you turn a bench seat in a 1971 Chevelle SS into bucket seats, if so how?
I am getting a 1971 SS Chevelle but it has bucket seats. i know changing the seats will decrease the sale price if i decide to sell it later but i much rather have bucket seats. If anyone has any ideas or websites on how to do this i’d appreciate it ALOT! Thanks.
i have a bench seat in my car now but i want bucket seats how do i go about installing bucket seats, and does anyone have ideas or websites

A: You cant convert a bench to a bucket, if you want as close to original looking take a look at these links and I too thought The Chevelle SS only came with buckets, but I could be wrong
Good Luck

Q: What is the Best way to build a 1971 Chevelle?
I just bought this Chevelle and i don’t know a lot about cars, but love learning. I want to build this car to maximum strength. Right now there is a 350 in there. That’s all i know. Open to any suggestions.

A: WRONG! Don’t put a 454 in there. The 350 motor is a great one to have especially for an amateur like yourself. Granted, the 454 will put out more power but if you do that, parts are harder to find, more expensive and gas will drive you insane. You can build the 350 perfectly fine to put out enough horsepower to make youself very happy in the end. What I would do first is to replace the intake and carb. If you swap it out with an Edelbrock Performer intake and Edelbrock 600 cfm 4-barrel carb, that thing will fly by itself. Many of these things I’m saying are for sale on, or you could even go to Google and they can point you into a good direction. After that, you could be done with motor stuff but if you want more, swap out your cylinder heads with higher performance. The thing you have to remember though is this: If you get new heads, be sure the application will fit with a new manifold you want to buy. They have to “sit” next to each other. There are many types you can go with. offers Edelbrock, Holley, stock replacements and another good one is vortec. If you want, you could swap out the cam as well. Once again, all this info could be found on websites like Now, you can start messing with exhaust. I would put Hooker Headers on there with 3″ exhaust pipes. That’ll add a chunk of power. After that, get a k&n air filter, an MSD distributor and ignition system, some good AC Delco spark plugs (others can be NGK, Autolite etc…), a new set of spark plug wires and a good battery. If more, begin messing with some other parts. A good performance water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, alternator etc… I wouldn’t mess with the crank or pistons if they are still good and original. Believe me, the 350 can do wonders for you! Stick with that. Mess with the gears, tranny and all that other stuff as well. This car is endless. I would know. I have a 1972 Chevelle (almost same thing as 71) that I currently love and spend too much money on. But it’s worth it<3. Best of luck! Hope that car will do many things for it. And if you got the money kid, it will. It takes time, there will be mistakes and you will get mad at it, but when it's all over, you got yourself a bada$$ muscle car that other people would kill to have! Stick with it. Best of luck!

Q: Is a 1971 Chevelle Malibu 2dr a good first car?
I bought a 71 chevelle Malibu with a 350 for my first car. Just wondering if it is a good 1st car. Is there anything I should know about older cars that I may need to know ?

A: Man oh man that is an excellent first car for sure. NOt much to worry about. Pretty tight ride./ Although you might end up with a little rust and leak at the two back corners of the back window into the trunk, but if it doesn’t now probably never will. What size jets are you running in the front and back. That sure bring back memories as I had a 72 Heavy Chevy. Enjoy. If four speed I got a bigger pressure plate. I wouldn’t put headers on it as didn’t really help with performance on mine as reg exhaust system was great.

But hey you keep that and it will grow in value all the time. Take care.

Q: did a 1971 chevelle and 71 cutlass had the same seat frame?
i have 71 cutlass sx with front sport bench seats…i want to know if the 71 chevelle’s bench seats (both rear and front) have the same frames, that way i can order the upholstery for a chevelle but use it for the cutlass….thanks…..

A: the cutless is much closer to the skylark then the chevelle, and the same seat frames was used in both the skylark and the cutless in the copes only not the fastback, in the fastback cutless the rear seats are not the same, the frame work on the seats in the chevelle is just a little bigger and will not fit in the back seat.
but if your asking what i think your asking, as in can you use the upholstery made for a chevelle and put it on the frame work of a cutless yes but it will not look right and will not fit as tite as it should.
i would look at jcwhiteny and call them for a book as they no longer list olds on there web site, but they do carry your upholstery in the olds cutless from the F85, cutless S to the 442 to the SX and even the W-30, W-31 and so on.
call them at 1-800-603-4383 and ask for a full catalog

also yearone carrys your upholstery

if you need more help finding what your looking for e-mail me i have a list of places i use, but those two will have it and i use them alot.

Q: How to replace a rear differential on a 1971 Chevelle Malibu?
I kinda know what to do but not really. I just need to know what all i need to do and what parts i should actually replace?? Any information will help……
how to replace the main parts of the differential that is in the chuck?

A: Not a job for a novice mechanic, but here’s how it’s done.

Q: Is there a special tool to install a window crank on a 1971 Chevelle?
We have the window crank and the clips but how do you put them on? Is there a special tool?

A: yes there is, it is about 5 – 10 dollars at any auto parts store. it is a flat piece of metal with a notch to push out the clip. that is to remove, to put on, put the clip on the crank and push it on the pin.

Q: 1971 chevelle i found two of them both for $10,000 which one is the better model i dont understand cars good?
1971 454 engine bored to make it a 468. Disc brakes bucket seats new 400 transmission 12 bolt rear end. Tach new tires elderbrock carburator electronic ignition runs and drives.

1971 ss chevelle 454 4sp cowl t10 tranny 12bolt rear a true ss matching numbers

A: I think I’d go for the one with cowl induction and matching numbers.

Just my opinion, no real reason.

Q: All the chevelle lover’s I need help finding the heads for a 1971 LS6?
I need help finding the heads for a 1971 LS6 chevelle if anyone find the heads with the casting numbers of 3994025 or 3994026.Please tell me the correct info I do not want a clone. I have ran into that alot lately .

A: Look at Auto Zone or Napa they should have the parts

Q: Should I keep my original 250 in my 1971 Chevy Chevelle Malibu or should i drop a 396 in it? ?
Should I keep my original 250 in my 1971 Chevy Chevelle Malibu or should i drop a 396 in it? Ive asked many sources about it but I need to be sure. Please help!

A: To upgrade an original 6 cylinder car to a big block will require upgrading the transmission,drive shaft,rear axle, springs,sway bar ,tires and wheels,shocks,brakes,etc.You can do it but it is a lot more than just changing engines.It would be an awesome car but know what you are getting in to!

Q: how much would a 1971 chevelle 383 engine get for MPG?
Taking a Road Trip need estimate on money to bring hahha?
haha lead foot tended to be.

A: As you may already know, the 383 Stroker, is a 350 with an altered 400 crankshaft. The increased stroke length allows the pistons to move farther, and allows more fuel and air into the engine. You can expect to use considerably more fuel than a regular 350, so a good estimate would be about 14 to 18 MPG, depending on how you drive. Most of us with a 383 Stroker are a bit lead-footed, so take that into consideration. Great engine, and loads of fun, but take some extra cash with you. Good luck!

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